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Of all my perl books, I use the Perl Cookbook the most because it has excellent examples and the explanations are concise and easy to understand. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn perl and to C programmers who want to come over the the bright side.

Over the past year, many more perl books have been published. To find more perl books, search the book store below.

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Perl Book news. Check links for Perl books, manuals, programming, contractors, scripts, CGI and jobs. Download sample perl code, such as a hit counter script.
RFID Hands on Workshop - Wireless Internet for the Mobile Enterprise
Attendees get to experience a variety of RFID technologies and use the WinRFID middleware in conjunction with the existing RFID hardware in UCLA to get a first hand experience with several potential industrial RFID applications.
RFID Tag Embedding System with Bad Tag Detection for Smart Label Converting
The premier Infinity V1 RFID Tag and Inlay embedding system for Smart RFID label converting released by Worldlabel, leading label manufacturer and RFID converting technology specialist.
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Why No One Is Neutral About Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality is a problem of economics and politics. There will always be tension between those people giving money and those receiving it.
China's Internet More Sophisticated and Pervasive Under The New Communist Party
China's Internet controls, which were already among the most extensive in the world, have grown even more sophisticated and pervasive under the new Communist Party leadership, according to a Freedom House special report released today.
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Interop 2009 Proves Innovation Going Strong
Although the economy is down, innovation still appears to be strong, with more than 55 exhibitors announcing new products at the Interop Expo.
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Free Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade May Come With Strings Attached
The update is scheduled to roll out this summer, which gives Microsoft plenty of time to clarify its position on offering a free upgrade to pirated copies of Windows 7 and 8.1.
Decisions Made Easy With The Next Biggest Social Media Company The World Is About To Embrace
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 'Your-Name-Goes-Here.' Who will the world embrace next? One thing is for certain, there's a very strong chance it's one of these social decision making apps: Thumb, Se
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Perl Regular Expressions are one of the most wonderful things in perl. I love them. beginners hate them until they learn how they work. There is even a perl book covering regular expressions and it is brilliant!

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